About 100k

Akil Eckford is hailed as an artistic visionary harboring several talents. Eckford’s creative thinking, dedication, and immeasurable amount of hard work has allowed him to start 100K Entertainment, LLC. Eckford started his company in pursuit to express his passion for audio engineering, music production, videography, photography, and building his own record label.

Not only does he work with several artists ensuring that their music is displayed in an appropriate and professional manner, he also works with artist to ensure that they prosper becoming musically, socially, and mentally inclined as well. Eckford first created a name for himself at the age of eleven. Those around him started noticing how musically talented he was and became very intrigued in his work. At such a young age, he began making music beats and songs for his brothers. From recording songs in basements and closets to studios, he continued to exceed the expectations of his friends, family, and supporters.

After several years of perfecting his craft, Eckford realized that this was something he wanted to do for a lifetime. He began branching out on his own, combining his knowledge of music and entertainment and social marketing to find new talent and turn his dreams into reality. Today, 100K Entertainment is currently on the rise and on the road to becoming global; be sure to watch out for the mark he makes and the empire he builds because he is a young mogul on the move.